100% Pure Lanolin USP US Pharmacopeia Grade | for Itchy Dry Skin and Eczema Symptoms | Glass Jar | 2oz


100% Pure Lanolin USP (United States Pharmacopia) ready to be used as is or on hand creams, eczema creams, dry, chapped skin for DIY projects. Comes in glass jar.
Lanolin, a byproduct of Merino sheep, commonly referred to as wool wax or wool grease. Lanolin is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the Merino sheep, resulting in a yellow waxy substance. It is not the fat of the sheep, Lanolin is free of glycerides making it a wax and not a fat.
Similar to how lanolin protects the sheep's wool from harsh environment conditions and changing climates, it may effectively protect the skin while making the external layers softer and more pliable. Lanolin naturally binds with waters, creating an effective moisturizer for the skin, and results in a popular cosmetic ingredient for skin and hair-care products.
Lanolin is the Sheep's natural nourisher & protector against the extremes of its environment. It is extremely similar to those natural oils we secrete from within our own skin.
Natural Protection from wind burn and environmental factors
one of nature's own oils .... a humidifying protector.
exists as a natural oil on the skin and in the fibre of sheep's wool.
acts as a waterproof raincoat to the animal.
is referred to as 'wool fat or wool grease' by farmers.
resembles the sebaceous secretions of our own skin.
is an effective emollient
It is considered cruelty free as it does not harm the animal. It can be used in home made creams and lotions. It is the must have ingredient in most sore nipple creams for nursing moms.
All natural ingredients NO ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS NO known cancer-causing ingredients

No added scents or colors
✓No Artificial Scents
✓No Petroleum
✓No Parapens
✓No Sulfates
✓No Mineral Oil
✓No Glycols