ARMOUR Potent Germ Barrier | 65% Alcohol Hand Gel | Moisturize sand Cleans | Organic |

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Studies done in recent years confirm that several essential oils are effective in combating germs, molds, colds, flu, and is said to have a 99.9% success rate at eliminating airborne bacteria. 

Add that information to the power of alcohol as a disinfectant and that is how we started designing our hand gel. 

We all know how drying the regular mass-production gels are to the hands. Especially during winter months. This herbalist made gel is not drying to your skin at all. 

CDC recommends if soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. This blend can be used on the skin when water and soap are not available.

So, no water, no worries use our hand gel and you know what once it starts to dry out make sure to sniff those essential oils for extra germ defense. 

Formulated with the Armour Essential Oil Blend, our most potent antiviral and antibacterial essential oil blend to help keep your mind at ease. 
Ready to use hand cleaner.

Formulated with organic grain alcohol. 

It comes in a 2oz bottle.