Grow My Hair Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil Blend | Hair Growth and Anti Dandruff Organic Essential Oil Blend | Healthy Scalp and Hair Treatment Oil


This is an organic essential oil blend with Jamaican Black Castor Oil to promote healthy scalp and diminish dandruff scales. I used select essential oils from the medical literature with proven positive effects on scalp health to strengthen, grow and restore healthy hair.
If you do not want to change your existing shampoo but still want to take advantage of the hair growth benefits of essential oils this blend is for you. As long as you are using an all natural, herbal and toxic free shampoo and you are happy with it, I don't see a reason to replace that with my shampoo. Make sure your shampoo does not have the SLS and other synthetic and chemical ingredients if you want this blend to work. The purer and cleaner your shampoo the better the combined effects.
I Work with 100% Therapeutic Grade, and 100% pure and Organic Essential Oils
Powerful and effective blend of select herbal oils with essential oils.
No synthetic thickeners or colorants are added
No added scents, colors, SLS or other synthetic detergents or additional extra
✓No Added Colors
✓No Artificial Scents
✓No Detergents
✓No Petroleum
✓No Parapens
✓No Sulfates
✓No Mineral Oil
✓No Glycols
I make my blends per order so as always if you like it to be customized or if you have questions please inbox me. Feel free to read about me on the info page and buy with confidence. As a member of several leading industry organizations I only support the safe use of essential oils and herbs that are supported by the scientific literature.