Organic Hemp Seed Butter | Cannabis sativa | RAW Unrefined Virgin Unfiltered Cold Pressed NON GMO High OMEGAS Healthy Essential Fatty Acids | Shea & Hemp Butter


Hemp Seed Butter is a whipped butter with hemp and shea butters. It can be used as a natural moisturiser or for any skin conditions that need an anti inflammatory support.
Excerpt from American Botanical Council Database. Please note that although as a member I have a full access to the full monograph of each herb, because of membership policies I can only share what is available to general public.
"According to Lewis Harrison, author of The Complete Fats and Oils Book, the function of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) is 'to help strengthen the basic structure of cells and capillaries, with additional benefits including the prolonging of blood clotting and the manufacturing hemoglobin."
He writes:
✓'Essential fatty acids are involved in all glandular secretions in the body including the production of adrenal hormones...
✓They help promote healthy hair and skin.
" American Botanical Council Database.
✓Purest quality cold press extract from the seeds of the cannabis plant, but does NOT contain THC.
✓You cannot get “high” from this hemp oil.
✓It’s non-psychoactive, and is NOT medical marijuana,
✓does NOT contain THC
Comes in 50gr Airless Pump Jar.