ProSeed I SLEEP SOUNDLY Essential Oil Blend | Steam Distilled | UNDILUTED PURE CONCENTRATE | Deep Restful Sleep | Indulge in the Mystic Blend of Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile Essential Oils | 5 ml


Pure essential oil blend hand made by a Certified Aromatherapist of the purest and quality essential oils to help you get a good night’s sleep
Made with industry's most valuable oils like Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile
A calming blend of pure essential oils to encourage restful sleeping patterns helping you reach a state of calm mind.
This is the undiluted version
Once properly diluted it can be applied to the bottom of your feet and wrists to relax before bed
You may also dilute this blend with our ProSeed Magnesium Cream to maximize the benefits. Magnesium is a well know mineral to relax muscles to promote better sleep.
The cold pressed organic hemp seed oil from our store is another perfect base oil to further dilute this pure blend. Hemp seed oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits to help ease your daily tension.
Includes : Roman Chamomile Essential Oil , Rose Absolute, Jasmine Essential Oil , Lavender Essential Oil, Vanilla Absolute and Nutmeg Essential Oil.
For external use only
Consult a healthcare provider before use
Individually hand bottled for freshness.
I make my blends per order so as always if you like it to be customized or if you have questions please inbox me. Feel free to read about me on the info page and buy with confidence. As a member of several leading industry organizations I only support the safe and effective use of essential oils that are supported by the scientific literature.
All orders are made in small batches. All essential oil blending is made personally by me, a NAHA certified Aromatherapist, and a Master Herbalist. All my products are organically grown or wildcrafted (pesticide-free/herbicide-free/no synthetic fertilizers or other chemicals) and Non GMO. Free from any artificial colors, flavors, or other synthetic material.
My brand ProSeed Holistic Wellness is dedicated to offering pure, all natural, unadulterated wellness formulations.