ProSeed Wildcrafted Arnica Oil | Ache and Stiffness Massage Oil | Workout Help | Bruise Oil | Vegan | Arnica Extract | Herbalist Made | Fortified with Organic Wintergreen Essential Oil | 1oz


Arnica Oil prepared from the flowers of Heterotheca inuloides which is the species known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Custom Wildcrafted especially for them in their native wild habitat, and are then made in small batches to retain freshness and therapeutic qualities.
Maybe used as is as a massage oil, may further be diluted up to 50% with another cold pressed herbal oil like hemp seed oil.
For those of you who are looking into making their own arnica salve this is the arnica oil they need to incorporate into salve.
This version has the wintergreen essential oil added as wintergreen has naturally occurring salicylic acid that helps ease pain.
Post-Workout Recovery,
Topical Treatment,
Improved Circulation,
Reduced Pain & Inflammation
Comes in 1 oz glass bottles. 2oz is listed seperately.
Herbalist Made in small batches and hand bottled
FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Apply to skin with cotton gauze, or massage into skin until well absorbed.
Keep Out of the Reach of Children
Store away from heat & light

I make my blends per order so as always if you like it to be customized or if you have questions please inbox me. Feel free to read about me on the info page and buy with confidence. As a member of several leading industry organizations I only support the safe and effective use of essential oils that are supported by the scientific literature.
All orders are made in small batches and bottled per order. All essential oil blending is made personally by me, a NAHA certified Aromatherapist, and a Master Herbalist. All my products are organically grown or wildcrafted (pesticide-free/herbicide-free/no synthetic fertilizers or other chemicals) and Non GMO.
Free from any artificial colors, flavors, or other synthetic material.
My brand ProSeed Holistic Wellness is dedicated to offering pure, all natural, unadulterated wellness formulations.