PURE 100% Fresh Grass-fed Pasture TALLOW | Rendered Beef Fat | Humanely Pasture Raised Grass Fed Family Farms | 4oz


Tallow is an old fashioned fat because historically, it was the primary fat used for cooking and frying thanks to its unusually high smoke point. Not only for cooking but it was the oil preferred when grandma had cracked heels, or the elbow skin was so rough to touch. IF the kids had dry skin tallow called to rescue.
This tallow is made in small batches from grass fed animals that are humanely cared for.
The structure of our cell membranes is made up of approximately 50% saturated fats, which is very similar to the percentage of saturated fatty acids in tallow. Fatty acids are also the building blocks of healthy skin cells, which makes them an important nutrient for skin repair and regeneration.
Since anything we put on our bodies is absorbed through the skin, you can get some of the health benefits of tallow by applying it topically, as well as by eating it.

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