Castor Oil - Organic, Unfiltered, Pure Non GMO- Ricinus communis - as recommended by Edgar Cayce Readings - Hexane Free

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Extracted from the beans of the Ricinus communis fruit. This popular oil is highly sought-after for its natural moisturizing and emollient properties. Many cosmetic applications that utilize castor oil target dry, damaged, and aging skin. It is known to be highly effective emollient. It is also ideal for making the hot pack applications as advised by Edgar Cayce. Warm compresses using castor oil combined with specific essential oils targeting the rheumatoid and pain delivers fast and lasting relief.
No processing chemicals used in the extraction of the oil. It is obtained by a chemical-free mechanical process that extracts oil from seeds and nuts. This method of oil extraction does NOT use hexane to preserve the healing integrity of the seeds.
It has a lot to contribute to the hair and eyelash beauty as well. It is a precious oil both for healing and cosmetic purposes. Please ask me if you need information on how to safely and effectively use castor oil and combine it with essential oils. I can work a tailored message or hair treatment oil made for you as well.
Castor oil is the oil to go if you are looking for DIY petroleum-free jellies, all you need is the castor oil and castor wax and you can make your pure, all organic, and natural highly-emollient skin barrier without all the toxins and question marks related to vaseline and petrochemicals. This jelly is also for sale on my store as ready-made or alternatively you can buy the castor wax from my shop and do the jelly yourself in the convenience of your home.