PIT PAL | Sensitive Skin All Natural VEGAN | NO Baking Soda Formula | Glass Container

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Detox Deo - No Oil - No Beeswax - No Oil Stains on Clothes, Non-Greasy Underarm Roller Deo

100% Natural VEGAN Baking Soda Free for sensitive skin, Non-Oily Underarm Deo. Made with bentonite clay not only to keep you dry but also to help accelerate detox.
All Natural
No Aluminum
No Parabens
No Triclosan
No Propylene Glycol
No Phthalates
No Staining
No Artificial Fragrances
Re-usable glass roll-on bottles
No other hidden ingredients
Ingredients: Magnesium hydroxide, purified water, aloe vera gel, bentonite clay, essential oil

That is it, nothing more, nothing less
Please store in a cool dry place and use within 3 months. Sedimentation may occur, shake before use.
It comes in 1 oz clear glass container with a roller. 
You can get it plain or with one of the following options. 

If you like to have it with some other essential oil please send us a convo we might be able to help you.
- Lavender
- Rose Geranium
- Lemongrass
- Tea Tree
- Cedarwood

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